We are at the peak of the season. The team continues its work with the aim of winning the two La Liga games remaining to put some...

We are at the peak of the season. The team continues its work with the aim of winning the two La Liga games remaining to put some pressure on Real Madrid, expecting a defeat or a couple of draws from the arch rival, and have some options in order to be the champions again.

We have the Final of Cardiff. Juventus confirmed their options as a serious candidate for the title, I personally strong believed so much in this team since the beginning of the season, and Real Madrid will attempt what nobody has done with the new nomenclature of the UEFA Champions League, winning two titles in a row. Hopefully Dani Alves will get his third Treble.

Before going on the topic. I can understand the views of those who planned the Barça’s squad. Maybe Alves had already fulfilled a cycle. Maybe Dani is already too old. But clearly if you “throw” the best right defender in the world you may have a reliable substitute rather than strange experiments with midfielders. In this case, the performance of the Brazilian is still excellent. Grave mistake of the Management of the club. A Very serious one.

But today I do not want to talk about football. Something surprised me during the last days and that affects the membership community of Barcelona. It is possible that the Deportivo Alavés does not sufficiently motivate members to move to Madrid. It is possible the fans have the feeling of "full belly" because is the seventh final in nine seasons. The third in a row.

Or even the fear of going to Madrid in a moment when most likely Real Madrid will be La Liga’s champions and qualified for the Champions League Final. Many factors to be considered. But it is clear that something is wrong when a club with nearly 150,000 members cannot sold out more than 13,000 tickets, still 3,000 are available for the final at Estadio Vicente Calderon Calderón. In my opinion, No excuses.

It is true that have been eliminated in the quarterfinals against Juventus has been a disappointment. The fan can be disturbed by the irregular performance of the team during the whole season. But what has happened in this process of ticketing, which occurred on a smaller scale last year against Sevilla, is creating a spot to think about. It makes me feel sad.

Probably the club members are not satisfied with having to play a Final de Copa del Rey being eliminated so early in the Champions League. But a title is a title and a Final is not played every day. No appreciating this event requires a warning call when the team will go through tough moments, the famous end of this wonderful generation, and will provide even more value in what we are living. Hopefully we are not going to miss the framework of playing another Final.


"Conformity is the modern form of pessimism." (Antonio Escohotado)

Esteban Blanchart Amores
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