Marketing is a discipline composed by 7 tools. Among the best known are Direct Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations. The last...

Marketing is a discipline composed by 7 tools. Among the best known are Direct Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations. The last one goes beyond distributing disco flyers or managing guest lists for them. It is a discipline that with a single input achieves different outputs and that are related to each other. Mix communication and marketing. But for its goals, it belongs more to the world of marketing.

George Orwell, author of masterpieces like 1984, Tribute to Catalonia and Animal Farm, probably made the best definition of contemporary Journalism by making an analogy with Public Relations.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations”. Although some strive to turn journalism into the eighth Marketing tool, or simply eradicate it and continue practicing Public Relations, there will always be romantics that will continue performing this precious thing, and NECESSARY, profession.

What has happened, and it's still happening, with Neymar is just another example of what Orwell described. Some of the Journalists are forced to adapt to the environment to survive by getting to confuse professional contacts with friendship.

Some are so excited and believe they want to be their best friends as nothing. They do not realize that while they do nothing other than (with forgiveness) "lick the ass" to these stars, they use them as private communication agents (completely for free) for their speculative, economic, sporting interests, etc.

Neymar does not want to leave Barça. Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to leave Real Madrid. But they know that, being very quoted and loved by their clubs, they have the power. They do not say it directly, which can tighten the negotiation, use their agents, family, environment and filter to those "friends" certain information to cause an impact on the media and public opinion in order to force immediate action through the most powerful tool that exists: fear. Even with extortion and blackmail. Different actors emitting contradictory information, changing every day, and delivering the possible chaos to achieve their goals.

To be more specific. Ronaldo wanted more protection from Madrid in relation to the Fiscal administration, a salary rise, and share the cost of the fine. Cristiano wants to remain in Madrid. He knows that he is the only club that gives him the chance to continue to obtain collective and individual titles. And above all, to compete side by side with Messi.

And the same with Neymar and his father. The idea of ​​going to Paris is not at all attractive in the competitive level. Neymar knows that if he wants to be the best, and be on the front page, he must remain in Barcelona or move to another club such as Manchester United, Chelsea or Madrid. Neymar is still a child. And the children come from Paris, they are not going to the French capital.

Thus, the media have been involved in what has been a complex, and simple at the same time, a media operation of sports speculation. Neymar, and his father, want more money, get closer to what Messi is getting from Barcelona, and force the board to make competitive sign ups.

We are in a framework in which more than journalism is exercised corporate and strategic communication where it has come to cross the border between being a communicator, and a simple puppet or buffoon.

Honestly, I do not know what will happen to Neymar. It can succumb to the millions of the PSG, 30 million per year plus a 100 million signing bonus for his father (if this is true, it seems to me to be an outrage), or to continue in Barcelona with the second renewal in 8 months.

And always bearing in mind, and seeing how it is Neymar's father, he has not done a "Figo". In another words, it has signed a pre-contract that obliges you to pay a large amount of money so that it is not made effective. And of course, that Barça take charge of this clause, as Figo tried to do with Gaspart in 2000, may be a requirement.

We cannot ignore either that the mentioned lack of hierarchy in the club, where Gerard Piqué gave a forceful blow to the social networks, could be a clear example that certain sectors of the directive forced the situation to leave Barcelona as a the victim trampled and allowed the purchase of Neymar by the PSG for the great need to enter cash to invest in the team and the remodeling of the Stadium.

Funny, precise, concise and forceful tweeting of the Catalan defender, the silence of Neymar and his surroundings demonstrates one thing. The three-party PSG-Neymar-FCB negotiations have not yet ended. In order for this to be so, it is necessary a statement that comes out of the Brazilian front's mouth.

Whatever happens, there has been a great lack of leadership, personality and forcefulness on the part of the board chaired by Bartomeu. Barça cannot be a drifting ship. It must be a club where personality and leadership must be the main ingredients of the President of FC Barcelona.


“Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.” (Tom Peters)


Esteban Blanchart Amores
Periodista, Publicista i Relacions Públiques. Director de Mitjans del Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) de Berlín. Membre y Co-Community Manager de Seguiment FCB. Blogger a "La Transmissió d'en Puyal" de Catalunya Ràdio i a "El Penalti" de Ràdio Estel. Soci abonat del FC Barcelona. De Vilanova i la Geltrú. Actualment a Berlín, Alemanya.
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