On April 29th 2008 I had great feeling of sadness. Barça was eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League against Manchester...

On April 29th 2008 I had great feeling of sadness. Barça was eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League against Manchester United with a goal by Paul Scholes. Everything was impregnated with a catastrophic air, but Barça remained only 1 goal to play the Final in Moscow. They had occasions to finish the season well, but the dynamics of the team were not exactly positive.

This dynamic along with everything that happened in the surroundings of Can Barça, made me aware that I would probably not see my team in another Championship semi-final in a long time. The future was very black with the obvious dismissal of Rijkaard and the clear need to renew the whole squad. Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Henry, Deco, were the main victims of a total revolution that was not saved either Joan Laporta.

The controversial President was probably the main responsible for self-complacency, the lack of self-criticism and power of the board of directors, and the degradation of a team that was called to make history and had entered into a dynamic of total uncontrol. That group promised so much and had a much shorter route than we would have liked. An unsuccessful cycle too. Everything had to be burned down.

But calmness, sanity, and luck (always important), led us to a year where not only did the course recovered, whatever nobody had achieved. A Treble (never seen in the Spanish League), and a Sextet that at the moment no team has achieved. An even that, without taking credit, is much more valuable than getting 2 European Cups in a row.

Let's not mislead you, surely with the new name (UEFA Champions League) it had never done until yesterday, but in the concept of the European Cup it had already happened. It's if we say that Sevilla has achieved the Europa League 2 consecutive times for the first time since the second time it was called UEFA Cup. It's the same. La Liga, Liga BBVA, Santander League, Copa Libertadores, Libertadores Copa Santander, Libertadores Copa Bridgestone, Rimet Cup, World Cup, etc.

Returning to the subject of depression, anger, and indignation, it was able to redirect the situation from calmness, sanity and patience. Which has led us to enjoy what we have enjoyed in the last 10 years. And now, although we do not have two seasons blank, it seems that everything is a catastrophe because the maximum rival has won the 3 Champions in 4 years and we have won in Berlin.

The obsession, despair, anger and, above all, a lack of unity, should not be taken over by our club and its surroundings. The situation is totally redeemable. Yesterday's match proved, especially in the second half, that Barça had a gray action in Turin against a rival that is not much less than Barça. In the last 4 years, with regard to direct confrontations, Barça has been shown to practice better football and has a better 11 players (I say so expressly) than Real Madrid.

There is equipment There is a base. If we do not get obsessed, and the team is working with 4-5 good players and mature players (25-29 years), there is to compete again until the end with a high percentage of success in the form of Titles like the Champions League. The signings of this year are not bad, I count them. They are young and I think that this season will have served them to gain confidence.

But it is necessary to sign a right side of guarantees (along with Aleix Vidal the position is covered). You need to sign up for a reliable and multipurpose center that can play sideways (Abidal profile). You must sign a player of the Busquets profile (it is 30 years old and you cannot play EVERYTHING). You need to sign up for a midfielder who moves the ball (Iniesta is the age he has). And you must sign a striker who scores goals and can play as a band.

The trident can not play everything. If Messi wants to extend his sporting life he must have a break. By the end of this month it will be 30 years and Ronaldo, which for some, was already over, continues to give war thanks to the rotations and care of his physique. It will not fit us well, but we must admit that it is difficult for 32-year-olds to find the number of goals this man does.

I think a lot about this team. And if we do not believe everything, we do not insult ourselves, let's set aside the names, and the directive is expected to do its job as God commands, I have no doubt that this group will return to the winning dynamics. That yes, we should not fall into past mistakes such as self-complacency, lack of power, and passivity. You have to put up your batteries and work hard to match.

Neither Real Madrid is infinitely superior to Barça, nor Barça is infinitely inferior to Madrid. The level is very close to the fact that key players such as Xavi, Puyol, Alves, or Abidal are no longer there. And others like Iniesta, Busquets, Piqué, or Messi are no longer so young and need to get rid of the big burden of games. Some more, like Iniesta or Busquets, others less like Messi. The direct clashes have shown a great soccer superiority that must be exploited with the good management of the squad. Where Madrid is currently superior thanks to a higher number of quality personnel. The so-called "cabinet fund".

Obviously, although we can not afford to be the main excuse, we should not forget that the arbitration factor has been decisive in the last two years. This year in the League has been scandalous, and in the Champions League, especially in the quarterfinals against Bayern, also the "luck" has been present. Although the white team was far superior to the Final against Juventus. Especially in the second part.

So, those who have to work hard on the makeup of the next year's template that will start from now on. Meanwhile, the best we can do the rest is to disconnect from football and enjoy the summer to face the next season with maximum enthusiasm and motivation. Probably the main ingredients to see a triumphant Barça. Happy holidays!


"Instead of cursing the place where you fell, you should look for what made you slip." (Paulo Coelho)

Esteban Blanchart Amores
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