Josep Guardiola - can't be touched
Josep Guardiola - can't be touched
“I don’t want to live off what I’ve done. There is nowhere like this, but we have to carry on winning.”, Josep Guardiola...

“I don’t want to live off what I’ve done. There is nowhere like this, but we have to carry on winning.”, Josep Guardiola

Guardiola is a champion who never wins. His desideratum is perfection, and everytime he touches this supremacy, he isn’t sure about the conquest. It’s a long path, full of obstructions, all triumphed by Pep. He never stops improving.

“Guardiola – good lad”, as used to call him Charly Rexach, the youth team manager at that time, was shown up by Rexach, and given in good hands – to Johan Cruijff. At his first week at the club, Cruijff payed a visit to his friend Charly at the “Mini” stadium (of Barça B). Young Pep was playing on the right side of the midfield back then, at once Cruijff asked Rexach to make use of Guardiola in the centre, as a pivot. The idea turned out to be glorious.


From a young age, Josep was edified to see the whole game, fine points and to improve. He was tought to play a perfect game, because it’s the legendary Cruijff who coached him. From his position on the pitch he was able to pick out everything: from his teammates’ mistakes to his own ones. His eyes were focused on the game, he lived with it and he liked the way it came about. Pep made mistakes, and he was repelled by himself because of this. He was fighting, falling, hating on himself and again fighting. Only Cruijff was there, staring at the boy with a smile. He knew it, he knew how good Pep was going to become. He was leaving his legacy in safe hands.

On 21st of June 2007, Guardiola was appointed as the manager of Barcelona’s first team. It’s logically that Pep wasn’t a conventional one. He was a player who could set out his team’s display. Guardiola was operating as a player. He thought back to what he saw, playing as a pivot for Cruijff. He recollected every mistake he perceived, that’s why Pep was startled, startled of losing. Guardiola noticed that the goals occur when the ball is lost, and he was scared that his team won’t be able to take it back. This huge dose of emotion guided him, and continues to do so. Pep was afraid to lose the ball, that’s why all his teams are first in terms of possession, pressing and position; that’s why he conquered.

Josep Guardiola assembled Barça from the beggining. He won a lot of games, exercising control over the opponents. Players like Ronaldinho and Deco were sold, and no names like Pedro and Busquets were brought into the first team. Pep built a legacy from nothing. His conceptions were the only proper value Blaugrana had at that time. Guardiola was a true leader. Barça was lucky to have him and he was lucky to have Barça. It was truly a reborn of Cruijff’s legacy. He was successful!  


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I was alive when Barca did something I refuse to believe in.
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