I would like to congratulate Real Madrid softly. Despite all what has happened during the season, Barça has lacked regularity and...

I would like to congratulate Real Madrid softly. Despite all what has happened during the season, Barça has lacked regularity and stability. And secondly, I have to say that I'm upset. Not just because FC Barcelona has not been able to retain La Liga title, because whatever was going to happen today was the last game of Luis Enrique Martínez at the Camp Nou as Barça coach, still pending the Copa del Rey Final against Alavés on Saturday at the Vicente Calderón, and there were only 74,000 spectators in the stadium. Unfortunate.

Although the League title was almost impossible, I strong believe that a coach that has given a Treble in his first season (five titles in the first year), a Double in the second (with three titles in that year) and a possible Copa del Rey in the last season, who would win 9 of 13 possible titles, deserved a better farewell. We must be thankful.

Talking about football, we also need to be more self-critical. We did not lose La Liga today. We lost it in the defeat at home against Alavés, away against Málaga and especially against Deportivo La Coruña. The Catalan team has not been regular either in performances and results, and that feeling was magnified being eliminated in the Champions League quarterfinals against Juventus.

Although it should be noted that certain refereeing decisions have not helped at all. If the goal would have been validated in Villamarín, where the ball entered 57 centimeters, against Malaga at the Camp Nou, Piqué's position was legal, or the not indicated penalty against Villarreal at Estádio de la Cerámica, Barça would be the champions.

But we must recognize that Real Madrid, despite having many refereeing decisions that have played in its favour (we should mention that), has been more regular, strong (with a star Cristiano Ronaldo in his role as a scorer in the last days), and above all, more determined to win the title after reaching only a League in the last eight years.

So, we must support the team to reach the Copa del Rey number 29. It is true that it seems smaller being the eternal rival champions of La Liga and finalist in the Champions League. But if Barça loses, the game against Alavés will not be easy, you can close a season of complete failure. From May 28th, we will make appropriate assessments.

Yesterday we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first European Cup at Wembley Stadium. A title that changed the dynamics of this club. Winning titles is a very difficult task and we must be fair and able to evaluate what we are experiencing and be patient and understand that this team, with 4 new faces for the next season, still will be able to perform with success.

Meanwhile, we continue regretting ourselves, the team has been to 57 centimeters away to be La Liga champions. Or we can show a winning mentality and understand that despite the adversities, the team should be over this factor and should be able to take forward these problems mentioned without regret. But now, let’s win the Copa del Rey!


"If you want to score, you have to kick." (Johan Cruyff)

Esteban Blanchart Amores
Periodista, Publicista i Relacions Públiques. Director de Mitjans del Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) de Berlín. Membre y Co-Community Manager de Seguiment FCB. Blogger a "La Transmissió d'en Puyal" de Catalunya Ràdio i a "El Penalti" de Ràdio Estel. Soci abonat del FC Barcelona. De Vilanova i la Geltrú. Actualment a Berlín, Alemanya.
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