If I have to be honest, I do not remember that much that day. My parents always told me that I was at home watching the game without...

If I have to be honest, I do not remember that much that day. My parents always told me that I was at home watching the game without knowing what was happening and who really suffered was my father. However, anxiety ended around 22:40 at when Ronald Koeman scored what is probably the most important goal in the club’s history.

However, I remember to celebrate the victory at the FC Barcelona fan club of my hometown and the at school. I was 7 years old. Unfortunately, I have more memories of that fateful final against Milan in Athens. I was with my grandparents and it was a very sad night. We went to sleep almost without exchanging a single word.

Koeman's goal ended a depression that had begun six years ago in another final in Seville. The Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium witnessed the worst night in FC Barcelona’s history. The Catalan team, which came from the famous comeback against Gothenburg with a Hat Trick of Pichi Alonso was unable to beat Steaua Bucharest. The job was done too soon…

That goal at the old Wembley Stadium was a change of mentality from defeatist and sadness to a more optimistic environment. But the events that have happened in these 25 years have shown that something changed on May 20th, 1992. It was established a new model of football at FC Barcelona. Success and beauty with the admiration of the entire world.

A few days ago, the Catalan Television broadcasted a report in which the title could perfectly define the real meaning. "Wembley: The beginning of everything" did not have, in my humble opinion, the best theme to commemorate the victory. Perhaps identify Johan Cruyff as the architect of that success and radical change in the identity of FC Barcelona.

Much better was the report from Informe Robinson of Movistar +. "Wembley 1992" was able to convey the audience to the season of the first European Cup for FC Barcelona with much more precision. Especially because is a bit away from the tribute to Johan Cruyff and closer to the football language.

And that was Wembley'92. A paradigm shift from a football team that was lost without style, concept or identity. The triumph in the legendary Stadium that brought to Barça fans what have enjoyed 25 years later. The most esthetical football ever seen combined with success. After came the second Champions League in Paris in 2006, the third in Rome (with the Treble and the 6 trophies included), the fourth in the new Wembley Stadium in 2011 (the best performance ever of a football team in the final), and the fifth in Berlin in 2015 (with a second Treble and 5 titles).

Barça fans can feel very fortunate about what we experienced. An enviable career that changed, as Cruyff would say, "In some point” of that May 20th, 1992. A journey in which, whatever happens tomorrow, should teach us that defeatism and pessimism should not take over again.

The League is very difficult. Almost impossible. But we learned that nothing is impossible in football. Next season we will have a new coach. A new project. A new course where we must support the new leader with the conviction that the club has a squad, we need four signings of experienced players (26-29-year-old), able to continue enjoying every week. A season that will surely end up with new achievements.

Meanwhile, we are grateful to celebrate the legacy of Johan Cruyff and his Dream Team. Some fruits that have led to this fantastic Barça of Messi is the conviction of fighting this League to the end waiting what is happening in Malaga. As Johan said, we will enjoy if the players do. It is the only guarantee to keep enjoying, and winning, 25 years more.


"If the opponent has an intelligent player that moves very well, we always take the easiest solution: if we do not check him, he won’t move." (Johan Cruyff)

Esteban Blanchart Amores
Periodista, Publicista i Relacions Públiques. Director de Mitjans del Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) de Berlín. Membre y Co-Community Manager de Seguiment FCB. Blogger a "La Transmissió d'en Puyal" de Catalunya Ràdio i a "El Penalti" de Ràdio Estel. Soci abonat del FC Barcelona. De Vilanova i la Geltrú. Actualment a Berlín, Alemanya.
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